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You have so many layers, that you can peel away a few, and everyone’s so shocked or impressed that you’re baring your soul, while to you it’s nothing, because you know you’ve twenty more layers to go.
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I don’t think suicidal people get enough credit for not acting on their suicidal thoughts.



This post is for all of you who have survived the urge to end your life, either coming out the other side or still fighting to stay alive. 

I noticed how when someone has a physical illness such as cancer, and they come out the other side or even remission, they are able to celebrate surviving. I think all of the survivors of being suicidal should too.

Congratulations, and keep on fighting.


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"what do you want to do with your life?"image

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I don’t think anybody realizes how dependent on books, and movies, and TV shows, and fictional places and things I am. 

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curves on women are great, but curves on final exams are really what get me going

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PE Teacher: "why are you running so slowly"
Me: "It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop - Wisdom of Confucius"
me: "[watches five hour-long episodes of a tv show in a row] "
friend: "[sends me a link to an eight minute youtube video] "
me: "what the fuck i dont have time for this"


meeting peoples moms for the first time is so intimidating because i cant tell if theyre a strict mom or a laid back mom and as i ride in their car i have to slowly figure out what breed of mom they are

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You have to be odd to be number one.
written by

Dr. Seuss

This changed me

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When you can laugh during sex and not have it be awkward that’s when you know it’s real

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"I waited too long to read the sequel, and now I can’t even remember the characters."

                                                                                            A novel by me

"I read the whole series in less than two days, and now can’t separate the events of individual books" the thrilling sequel

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Central bearded dragon
a discussion on sexual orientation me: "*explaining various sexual orientations to a classmate* "
classmate: "wait, what's polyamory? "
me: "well, it's when someone has more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. "
professor: "*overhears from front of class* "
professor: "that is d i s g u s t i n g "
me: "*defensively* um, actually, no it's-- "
professor: "how DARE they put a greek prefix on a latin root like that?! What right do they have to decimate my beautiful antiquated languages?!?! GREEK AND LATIN DO NOT FRATERNIZE THIS IS LIKE THAT STUPID ROMANTIC SUBPLOT BETWEEN THAT DWARF AND THAT ELF IN THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! "
me: ".... "
me: ".... "
me: ".... "
professor: "it should be polyerosy"



do you ever pretend like you didn’t see something so the other person doesn’t feel embarrassed 

750,324 people whose mama taught them right

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Pokemon Bulbasaur